Green Builder

With today's advancements, we use more durable roof coverings, advanced framing techniques, insulated windows, better home insulation, and high efficiency heating and cooling, and water heating equipment. In the long run these methods are not only better for the environment but also can potentially be big savings to the homeowner.

We pride ourselves in using these methods to make your home more efficient!
Reflective board we use is an energy saving decking designed to reflect the heat from your attic. Adding this one feature can keep your attic 10-15 degrees cooler than not having it. 
Our windows are double pane, argon filled, Low E glass designed to shield from the heat and UV rays of the sun, yet keeping the sun's light shining into your home.
We use Lennox air conditioners with programmable thermostats.
We install plywood or OSB around your new home. An EDPM plate gasket sealer. Also depending on budget we then insulate with spray foam or cellulose with 3/4' foam board for added insulation and a thermal break. Finally a house wrap that is designed to allow your home to breath, while keeping the moisture out.