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Our Building Process

1. The Initial Meeting

  • We will set up a time when your schedule permits to meet at Lantrip's Custom Homes Office. Here we will discuss location, initial design criteria, budget, and if and where financing has been discussed

2. Location and Plan Design

  • We will visit the projected site and make sure there are no obvious issues with slope or other elements that might affect the bottom line.
  • Preliminaries will be drawn for home owner approval and specs taken from them to establish projected costs - Possible meeting with our drafts personal at this point

3. Plan Review

  • Once preliminary is perfect and final set is drawn, final numbers for cost will be established and any final details to be included in cost of construction.

Tips: When discussing your plan with us or the draft's person, it's really good to include all the details you can think of at this point. Changes during construction often amount to a lot of extra costs for the home owners and that's only IF we are not too far past the point of making the change itself. Examples of this are ceiling designs, special moldings, half walls for showers, extra lighting or surround sound, extra cabinetry, etc. 

4. Contract Signing and Earnest Money Placed

  • An official agreement outlining the terms will be written up and signed by all involved parties
  • At this time a percent of the final cost will be collected in the form of a check or money order made out to the title company

5. Documents and Lending Finalization

  • We will get copies of documents over to appropriate parties
  • Home owners to finalize lending

6. Construction Phase and Selection Process Can Begin

  • At this point construction can begin where we will obtain the appropriate permits and distribute your plans to all of our construction crews.
  • Here we will also start discussing upcoming selections you will be responsible for making. We will guide you through each phase as to what we will need from you and help you stay in your budget.
  • See further down from construction process

7. Meetings/Contact 

  • Throughout the construction phase we will be in constant contact with you regarding the progress of your home. At this time we will be continually discussing the upcoming finishing materials that you want to use. We will also keep track of your budget continually with you and if you decide to go over your allowance at any time, those overages are to be paid for at that time.
  • We will also discuss when you can lock in your rate when we begin to near the final stages of construction.

8. Final Stages of Construction and Closing Preparations

  • We will go through your home throughout the construction process and near the end will make sure every last detail is in place.
  • This is when appraisals and inspections can be set up
  • We will work with you to schedule a closing date
  • A walk-thru will be preformed with you - details such as whirlpool tubs (if applicable), how to adjust thresholds, cabinet guides, and etc. will be discussed

9. Closing

  • When closing occurs, we will hand over your remaining keys! Please have appropriate utilities ready to switch over everything into your name as the new official home owners!

7. Closing  - We are ready to close on your home when all the interior and exterior finishes are complete and all the necessary inspections and appraisals are finished.

The Construction process

1. Foundation  - Your slab can start being formed and any plumbing lines and electrical lines running through the slab can be installed

2. Framing and Roofing - Your home will be framed according to plan. Here any ceiling designs are outlined and windows are installed. The framers will also deck your home and we will bring in the roofing crews to get your home "in the dry" 

3. Behind the Walls  - Once framing is complete:

  • Cabinet maker measures for cabinets
  • Plumbers can preform the rough-in
  • Electricians run electrical wires
  • HVAC - duct work installed
  • Exterior can be painted and masons can begin exterior work

4. Insulation, Sheetrock, and Texture

  • Your home's walls will be insulated

Note: This is around the time we like to have any stained concrete in your home performed and covered up.

  • Sheetrock can be installed and tile layers can install durock for tiled showers
  • Tape and Bed and Texture can then be applied to tape the seams of the sheetrock and apply wall texture. Our standard wall texture is 
  • Once texture is finished we will bring in your exterior doors.

5. Cabinet and Trim - Once texture is complete, our cabinet maker brings in your cabinets and the trim crews come in to install those along with all the base boards, window and door trim, and ceiling moldings. They also install all the closet shelving and hanging rods.

6. Interior Finishes - When trim is complete your home is now ready for:

  • Paint
  • Tile Layers
  • Appliances
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Mirrors and Shower Doors
  • Door Hardware and Other Accessories
  • Any Wood Flooring, Thermostats, Security Key Pads, etc.
  • Carpet and Final Cleaning

7. Closing  - We are ready to close on your home when all the interior and exterior finishes are complete and all the necessary inspections and appraisals are finished.